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• What about dealing with Health Department Approvals?

Generally anything that comes close to being a Restaurants or a bar or something along those lines will need to go through health department review and approval process. We offer this service and can walk you through the steps necessary to get that approval. After having helped many prior clients with exactly the same process we know how and can get your project through it as painlessly and as quickly as possible.

If your project needs a septic system, grease trap, sewer sand trap filter, or has one now your project will probably end up needing to be processed by other groups within the health department that review and approve those items. It is possible that the existing septic system, grease trap or similar item has been outdated and will have to be completely redone. If you are buying or leasing you should investigate the status of the system before committing.

While a lot depends upon the specifics of your project you can assume that you will need to add two weeks to the critical path time line for the health department if it becomes involved.