Vibrational Architecture

Art, architecture and history students will recall the name of Pythagoras. Pythagoras is famous as the 6th century BC, person who brought us the “Golden Ratio”. This is typically represented as a rectangle who’s proportion is generally accepted as being a better looking proportion in comparison to all others.

Today people commonly say that things (music, art, places) “Resonate” with them. This, of course, means that they like it in a similar fashion to the attraction to the “Golden Ratio”. This knowledge is nothing new.

Today we know about radio waves and their potential negative effects on people in general. We also know that according to Einstein’s “String theory”, everything is energy. This gives us a basis for understanding the basis of such concepts as Feng Shui, color therapy and sound therapy. In our experience some intuitive people are able to get these concepts to work under some circumstances. However, when they do not work it becomes difficult for practitioners of these concepts to explain why. That is because these practices apparently were derivative concepts from the base knowledge of resonance and one needs the base knowledge of Pythagoras to work out the science.

We have the base knowledge to give your project that “positive vibe” that attracts customers, helps general wellbeing and has many other positive effects. This knowledge is useful in finding a good placement for your building’s location and finding the good places to put specific things within your building or site. This date can be used in conjunction with your architectural program to enhance your project dramatically without adding to the cost of the project.

For anyone who does not want to risk a negative impact of this concept on their project you should know that to the uninitiated there is no sign that something was done. This is similar to Feng Shui (if that is properly done). And if the attempt does not resonate with someone then they are simply unaware of it. So it will have no effect. However, if you were to build something like a coffee shop where only 15% of potential customers really liked the place for some unknown reason and everyone else thought it was about the same as any other, what difference would that 15% advantage be for you? Probably the difference between normally profitable and very profitable?

Shown here is an example of a very limited budget project that was designed with these concepts. The construction cost of adding this resonance actually turned out to be less than zero as the resonance practices led us to discover a cheaper way to design a very cheap to build project.

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